Footprint Performance

  • Motorbike Software Tuning

    Motorcycle Tuning. Better fuel economy and more power.

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    Tractor or Harvester Tuning

    Tractor and Harvester Tuning, EGR, DPF and AdBlue removal.
    Better fuel economy and more power.

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  • Car Software/Chip Tuning

    Plug ‘n Play chip, software remaps. EGR-, DPF-, DTC-, Start-Stop-, AdBlue-, Speed Limiter- and Lamda Removal. Better fuel economy and more power.

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    Truck Tuning

    Truck Tuning, EGR, DPF and AdBlue removal.
    Better fuel economy and more power.

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  • Pedalbox / Windbooster – Throttle Response

    Real-time response from acceleration pedal for better control.

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  • Chip Tuning

    In modern vehicles the engine is controlled and monitored digitally by small electronic computers. The engine control device receives analogue and digital signals and then calculates control commands for ignition, injection, emission control and others.

    The Footprint Performance chip is an additional control device and enhances some of these computers’ abilities to manage the engine and therefor increases power, fuel efficiency and creates an overall more enjoyable driving experience.

Introduction to Footprint Performance vehicle accessories

  • Advantages of the Footprint Performance Chips

  • Fuel Saving

    • Source from 4 different suppliers, so you don’t have to
    • Provide you with the best possible solution for your specific vehicle
    • Increased power (up to 32 % more kW)
    • Increase in torque (up to 26 % more Nm)
    • Fuel savings (up to 1.5 l / 100 km less)
    • Traceless removal in terms of vehicle warranty is possible.
    • Removal of EGR, DPF, AdBlue,
      Lamda, DTC, Speed Limiiter, Start-Stop from software
    • Quality manufactured products
    • Easy DIY-installation and removal
    • Plug ‘n Play System, or Software Re-maps
    • Lifetime warranty on most products
    • 14 day money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Fuel saving can be achieved with Footprint Performance Chips if your driving style does not change after the chip is installed. Although most vehicles experience saving of around 1 litre per 100km, some clients have saved as much as 3 litres per 100km when doing long distance, constant speed driving.

    Saving of 1l/100km with a fuel price of R12/l could save you around R105 per tank of fuel (70l tank). These savings could repay the cost of the performance chip in a very short time? A clean air and diesel filter is highly recommended, or even better would be the fitment of a high performance air filter. It is crucial that vehicle servicing are performed at prescribed intervals.

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