Motorcycle Tuning – ECU Remap

Motorcycle Tuning – Get the most from your Adventure, Commuter or Racing bike

Motorcycle tuning is a very popular option for Commuters, Racers and Adventurers alike. All files installed by Footprint on motorcycles are developed on a dyno-engine power testing station in Italy/USA. You can thus be guaranteed that you are using the best in the business of tuning your very expensive motorbike. Adding more power to your bike will decrease fuel consumption if driven at the same speed as before the tuning, but best of all is that performance will be enhanced for faster acceleration. You can trust Footprint Performance to enhance performance on your bike, we do it safely and use the best in the business.

Motorcycle Tuning available for: BMW only

We are able to supply software remapping of all bike listed above.

  • ECU Tuning – Starting from R2995 – R4995

ECU Tuning

ECU tuning is the art and science of cracking the code that the factory installs in your motorcycle’s brain and giving it an upgrade. Tweaking your ECU means removing things like low RPM power restrictions, closed loop fuel maps, error codes when changing parts, and a load of other options. It enables you to take a uninspiring motorcycle with twitchy throttle control and turn it into that smooth powerful road monster you expected.

Ducati Panigale Motorcycle Tuning

BMW GS 1200 LC Motorcycle Tuning