Throttle Controller Installation

Installation guide

  • pedalbox_installation1

  • The Pedalbox/Windbooster installation is explained below in a few simple steps, and will optimize the response of the throttle immediately.

    Step 1 – Turn off the ignition and wait 5 minutes.

    Step 2 – Loosen the plug connection from the original plug adapter. (Some vehicles require the pedal to be loosened and the plug located behind the pedal)

  • pedalbox_installation2

  • Step 3 – Attach both OEM connectors to the accelerator pedal sensor.

    Step 4 – Lay the cables in such a way that they are securely installed and are not interfering with anything else.

    Step 5 – Attach the PedalBox at a comfortable height in relation to the driver’s seat.

Windbooster pedalbox throttle response