Engine Chip – Installation

How to install performance chip

How to install performance chip

    • Open the bonnet and then close all doors before you start the assembly.
    • Wait for approximately 5 minutes so there’s no more residual current on the sensors. Now you can start the assembly.
    • Make sure all sensor plugs are connected as per installation manual.
    • Bypass plug of the loom must be installed, and vehicle started to ensure connection is working properly, before chip connected.

    An additional function of the bypass plug is to reset the car to its original condition (without tuning) by executing only a few steps. So please remove the Chip with ignition off and substitute it with the bypass plug.

    Due to the advanced technology it is possible to adjust it individually to your vehicle and your driving style respectively. The cable of the Chip is to be led downwards. For maximum motor safety, the maintenance intervals of the vehicle manufacturer have to be observed, the oil types specified by the manufacturer have to be used and especially the oil changes prescribed by the manufacturer have to be carried out regularly while using the Chip.

  • Step 1 – Approach the car with appropriate tools. Open the bonnet and remove the motor cover (if any).

    Step 2 – Look for the sensors as per the installation manual with photos included

    Step 3 – Disconnect the sensor plug.

    Step 4 – Now, insert the plug of the loom into the sensor.

    Step 5 – Now, connect the disconnected plug of your vehicle with the counterpart of supplied loom.

    Step 6 – The loom is now installed in your vehicle. Check the assembly with the supplied bypass plug.

    Step 7 – Switch the ignition off again and wait till there’s no noises coming from the engine. Then you can remove the bypass plug and install the Chip.

    Step 8 – Assemble the loom with the cable ties. An assembly to already existing loom will be advantageous.

Installation manuals, with photos are available for each individual vehicle, and can be acquired by sending an email to info@footprintperformance.co.za