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    The LED in the control plug doesn’t glow after switching on the ignition.

    Don‘t start the engine, otherwise in so doing the Chip could be damaged! Please check the assembly. You should have received pictures by email showing the assembly in your vehicle. If you haven‘t received them or in case you need support with the assembly please contact your supplier. You have received a WSA-1000 cable harness and you are sure that the installation position is the right one. Then, it will be possible to insert the plug – disconnected from the sensor – in the counterpart twisted by 180°.

    I can‘t feel an improved performance.

    Each vehicle has certain performance tolerances determined by the Chip to the vehicle. Therefore, you have the possibility to adjust the Chip. The corresponding instructions can be found on the performance chip installation page.

    An error message appears on the display of the dashboard.

    With installation of a Chip, the safety programmes (emergency program) of your vehicle
    aren’t switched off, this is a great advantage for you. When the malfunction light
    of the motor shows up on your cockpit it normally means that the Chip provides too
    much performance. You should slightly reduce the power of the Chip. The corresponding
    instructions can be found above.

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