Windbooster Throttle Controller

Ultimate throttle response

Footprint Performance curently sell 2 versions of the Windbooster throttle controller, the GT and 9 mode-3S, giving you more options which will suite your style, and pocket.

This unit is completely safe. THIS IS NOT AN ENGINE MODIFICATION.

The Windbooster connects to the throttle sensor of the acceleration pedal of any modern vehicle with a “drive-by-wire” throttle. The unit intercepts the signal from the throttle sensor and send it to the ECU at a faster rate than the OEM throttle sensor, but still within specifications of this sensor.

Some modern cars use a Sport, or Eco mode, and works in the same manner as this unit. This can now be installed in your vehicle without too much extra cost.

Which cars are supported with the Windbooster

Windbooster GT

Windbooster GT

From only R3795

The GT is the most advanced Throttle Controller to date on the market. With built-in Bluetooth you can download the free APP and control the vehicle’s throttle response with your smartphone.

17 Modes

Normal, Sport, Sport +, Race, Drag, i-Auto, Valet, Anti-slip, Economy

60 Levels of adjustment

Each mode(Econ, Sport, Sport+, Race) comes with 10 step-program so the driver can choose the setting that suits his driving style. ‘0’ = less aggressive, ‘9’ = most aggressive.

Lock Mode

The GT features a unique Lock Out, which electronically disables your throttle with a passcode. The unit is fastened to the OEM plugs to avoid easy removal and installs below the dashboard for optimal theft control

App Control

The app can be customised with different interfaces depending on the user’s preference of functionality, not only the below standard views

Gearbox Optimisation

The GT is the perfect throttle controller for every situation, having custom modes for auto and manual gearboxes available, and remembers your last selected mode

Modes Explained

Normal mode returns vehicle to OEM throttle response;

Sport, Sport+ and Race modes for throttle advancement, including 10 fine tuning settings within each mode;

Eco Mode for throttle retarding, best suited for congested traffic or fuel saving, including 10 fine tuning settings;

i-AUTO for intelligent learning of behavioral driving and adjusts accordingly;

Drag mode for most aggressive response available;

Valet mode for controlled response associated with valet/assisted parking, limiting speed and response;

Anti-slip mode for slippery conditions enabling smooth and easy response avoiding loss of control;

Beginner mode, enabling 5 basic modes for beginners.

Windbooster 9 Mode-3S

Windbooster pedalbox throttle response
Windbooster 9 Mode-3S

From only R3600

The Windbooster 9 Mode-3S throttle controller is a state of the art unit with multiple functionality that will make your vehcile much more enjoyable with its added functionality.



40 Acceleration Programs:

Each mode(Econ, Sport, Sport+, Race) comes with 10 steps-program so the driver can choose the one that suits his driving style. ‘0’ = less aggressive, ‘9’ = most aggressive.

Visual Comparison on the Interface

3S gives a visual comparison between original throttle response and throttle response after installing 3s on the interface

Remarkable Acceleration Effect:

Up to 60% improved response, quicker overtaking, better uphill start, better downshift response

Function of different driving modes

Normal mode: your car is returned to its original factory setting, recover its natural performance.

Econ mode: slower throttle response, more comfortable and environmentally friendly, suitable for congested roads, perfect fuel consumption

Sport mode: improve throttle response, eliminate throttle delay, suitable for urban roads, pursuing the balance between sport and environmental protection.

Sport+ mode: better throttle response, sufficient power, perfect overtaking weapon, suitable for expressway, race track driving.

Race mode: the fiercest acceleration mode, the fastest acceleration response among the sport mode, suitable for racing, pursue ultimate driving pleasure.

i-Auto mode: Identify driving habits automatically, provide the best response for the driver, no mode selection worries

Windbooster pedalbox throttle response


WINDBOOSTER: How to Install Throttle Controller

  1. Turn off the engine and wait for 10 minutes before you install the device;
  2. Remove the original sensor plug from the accelerator pedal, then insert the adapter into accelerator pedal outlet, and connect the original sensor plug to the adapter, or you can connect the original sensor plug to the adapter, then insert the adapter into the accelerator pedal outlet(these two situations depends on the car model);
  3. Next, attach the display screen anywhere on the dashboard;
  4. Connect the display with adapter cable; and
  5. Finally, fix the cable with cable ties to prevent bing caught up between pedals.

The above are pretty typical installation steps applying to most vehicles. In some vehicles the installation may vary.